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What are the overall goals of an ABA program?

An effective ABA program includes the following long-term goals:

• Increase language and communication

• Increase independent living

• Increase socialization

• Reduce barriers to treatment by increasing compliance

• Teach replacement behaviors

How are ABA principles implemented?

There are a variety of teaching strategies that fall under the ABA umbrella. These methods, derived from ABA, have been shown to be effective when working with children with developmental disabilities, particularly ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorders). When creating comprehensive individualized programs, it is important to consider all available treatment options.

• Verbal Behavior
• DTT (Discrete Trial Teaching)
• PRT (Pivotal Response Training)
• NET (Natural Environment Teaching)
• Shaping
• Errorless Learning
• Prompt/Fading
• Antecedent Intervention
• Functional Communication/Mand Training
• Modeling
• Social Stories

ABA Therapy