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The first three years of a child's life are critical in their early development. Babies and toddlers experience many significant changes in different skill areas that impact their future development. Some of these skills include babbling, crawling, feeding, talking and walking. These skill areas, or developmental milestones, are a set of functional skills or specific tasks that most children can do within a certain age range. Milestones are important because they allow parents and physicians to monitor a child's development, learning, and behavior. Developmental milestones provide guidelines for tracking healthy development (Autism Speaks, 2014). While each child progresses at a different pace, these differences potentially indicate the existence of minor delays, while other delays require further attention. Each child is unique and demonstrates individual rates of development; however, some children need additional support to reach their developmental goals. Early intervention services, such as ABA, are critical in helping young children with disabilities achieve their cognitive, adaptive, social/emotional, communicative, and physical development goals.

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“Tell a child what they can't do and they may stop. Tell a child what they can do and nothing will stop them.”

~Stuart Duncan